Buy House in Tkon Croatia

Ojjoj A.I.

Yes We are selling the house on Island Pašman in Place Called Tkon For a good price that Fits to all. The house has 6 apartments Find out more.

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Why Ojjoj?

Find out why you shoud buy a House in Croatia

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Buy for only 450000Euros

For the Money you get a 6 APARTMENT house that has all

Read more about accommodation.

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The house has 6 apartmants, it has electrichity, wifi, parking, drinkable water, forrest area,

Read more about how you will be taught.

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Contact +385914455954

or send email to bastaicz@gmail.com Discover how the University works.

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Careers and money

We basichly make each sezon profit of 20000 euros bye renting apartments so it is a payof quickly.

Learn more about our Careers Service's wide range of support.

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Living here

Ojjoj offers the best of both worlds: a small-city environment with great transport connections by road, rail and air. Stansted Airport and central London are both less than an hour away by train.

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How to buy?

Once you wisit Tkon and check the house and the papers and licences for house and apartments after sending money you recive In Gruntovnica a Original of Ownerlship our many funding opportunities.

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An international community

Tkon is a global institution with tourists from 145 countries. You will quickly settle in with the support we provide for international scholars.

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As a postgraduate house buyer, you might live in a House in an apartmentpostgraduate accommodation.

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Get one-to-one support and other resources from our professional Careers Service in addition to world-class employment prospects.

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Tkon life

Turist societies, sports, pubs, restaurants, shopping, museums, family venues – and London visits – all make up the Cambridge experience. Learn more about Cambridge life.

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The city of Tkon

Famous for its architecture, history and intellectual atmosphere, our small city is just 45 minutes from London and a short hop by plane or train to Europe.